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May 2024 - Sasha, Haydn & Karolle

This is Sasha (woof woof), Hadyn and Karolle who desperately needed a new
bed because of Hadyn's constant back pain when sleeping in his old bed.

We fixed these lovely people up with a high-density foam Mazon mattress and
delighted to say back pain gone and all three sleeping well through the


Not only that but Hadyn also plays lead guitar in a local band - so
anything to do with music and guitars was a big bonus for making these cool
rocking guys our customers of the month for May.

Kayla - Feb2024.jpeg

Feb 2024 - Kayla

Our Customer of the month for February is the amazing Kalya (and her Mum and Dad!).


What an amazing, warm, caring and lovely family these guys are. Kayla has had a pretty bad time of it over the past few years but you’d never know meeting this brave young lady.


The right bed was uber important for Kayla and the feedback from Mum and Dad after Kayla received her new bed is;


“Kayla, is loving her new mattress, first night she mentioned it felt a little different to what she was used to and then after that night she is raving about it and says how comfy it feels for her.  So pleased we done something about it for her. Thanks heaps Rob for your expertise, really is most appreciated your helpfulness and honesty.”


This is the sort of feedback we relish at Rob’s Furniture Warehouse – improving someone’s life with a great night’s sleep is something we always strive for and it couldn’t happen to be for a nicer family. Thanks guys and lovely to meet you and your custom and enjoy the Number 1 😊

Cust of month NOV.jpg

Nov 2023 - Chris & Vanessa

Chris and Vanessa are well deserved customers of the month for November.


Probably one of the nicest couples in New Zealand if not the World (which would be a better place if it had more amazing people like these guys 😊).


Uber polite, positive, respectful, fun, good company, and a total pleasure to serve. A young couple going places and always a highlight when they shop at Rob's Furniture Warehouse.


Wishing them a great XMAS and a successful 2024.


Aug 2023 - Bev

Meet Bev, our August 2023 Customer of the Month at Rob's Furniture Warehouse!

Bev's loyalty over the years has been truly heartwarming. Her latest buy - a comfy mattress in a box for her spare room.

We can't wait to welcome her back for her next home makeover! 🏡 


May 2023 - David & Jan Birdling

Congratulations to David and Jan Birdling, our exceptional customers of the month! 🎉 They recently purchased a truckload of furniture and are now on the move, transforming their space with style. 


We're thrilled to be a part of their journey and wish them a smooth and joyful transition. Enjoy your new furniture, David and Jan! 🛋️❤️#HappyCustomers #TransformingSpaces

March 23 - tracey cust of month.jpg

February 2023 - Tracey

Tracey is our lovely customer of the month for March AND it's her birthday too - so Happy Birthday Tracey and what a pleasure it was selling you your new bed.


Some tough times for you and your family so hopefully the champagne and the new bed will make things a little better for you.


Love the positive attitude and energy you brought into the shop. "If your bed sucks, Rob's don't" brought you into our shop and now you have a new bed that doesn't 😊 Sleep well !!!

Sarah - cust of month NOV22.jpg

November 2022 - Sarah 

Sarah and her partner came to live in Nelson recently from Queenstown and needed a sofabed for their new house - which she purchased from us.


Rob was on holiday but the team nominated Sarah as she was so lovely to deal with, has great sense of humour (we love a good sense of humour) and just a total delight.


What a amazing addition to Nelson to have people like this coming
to live here. Happy XMAS Sarah from Rob and the Team.

Customewr month Aug22.jpg

August 2022 - Craig & Christine

The team at Robs Furniture Warehouse love their sport,  positive people and customers who are also great to deal with.

Local girl Christine fits right into these categories and is a ‘knock out’ fearless boxer who might be turning pro! And she and her partner, Craig, were good fun too.


So Christine and Craig are our customer of the month for August. Stay safe in the ring Christine and wishing you every success in the future – float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!!

ANna & Tony - May22.jpg

MAY 2022 - Anna & Tony 

Anna and Tony (like the team at Robs Furniture Warehouse 😊) have been incredibly hard workers and are now semi – retired and were in need of a new bed and a good nights sleep.


After trying several places elsewhere in Nelson and questioning the quality and high prices, we were delighted to see them back at Robs Furniture Warehouse purchasing a wonderful new Isabella King Mattress and Base (fantastic choice guys  - such a great bed).


Lovely customers to deal with who really listened and thought about their bed purchase (which we always recommend) and we're delighted to make them customer of the month for May.


Enjoy a great nights sleep – you good people fully deserve it!

Rob and the Team



Lyn has been in Robs Furniture Warehouse a few times now and we know she has had a bad time of it recently but she came in today and was a delight to deal with.


Positive, friendly, thoughtful and open to suggestions. What was fun (Lyn has a great sense of humor 😊) is that she had friends with her giving her advice on kitting out her new tiny home so the whole shopping experience was a real team effort and that made for really enjoyable time with everyone inputting their ideas


Wishing you the best of luck and good times in your new tiny home - sounds amazing (bring us in some photos). Bests, Rob and the Team

Mr & Mrs Smith - customer of the month NOV 2021.jpg

NOVEMBER 2021 - Mr and Mrs Smith

Mr and Mrs Smith and Strange Friend (joking) unfortunately had their house
devastated in the recent Westport floods (very sorry to hear this Mr and Mrs
Smith. Compounding this Mr Smith has not been too well. So when they came
into Rob's looking to bring a house full of furniture for under $20,000 we
ended up saving them $9000 and meeting their needs for $11,000. They were
very happy and lovely to deal with as well as having a lot of fun and still
having a smile on their faces despite their recent life changing problems. A
well deserved customer of the month !!!

AUG 2021.jpg


Saxby and Amanda are our customer's of the month for August (just before lockdown level 4 - Arrhhhhhhhh!!!)

What a pleasure to supply them with furniture for their amazing new home
(wow factor 100!!) that they are converting in central Nelson.


So lovely to deal with - just all around good guys that make the World a better place and lots of fun too.

Many thanks and keep up the good work on that amazing home.

Rob and the Team

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 4.35.56 PM.png


Miles and Helen have been loyal customers for several years and always a total pleasure to deal with.

Because of Covid, certain stock items have been delayed and these

great customers are always patient and understanding which makes our life so much easier... So big thanks for that guys. Having customers based all the way at Saint Arnaud and making us number 1 on their shopping list when they visit Nelson is always a bonus for us! Stay warm up there guys!



They breed some tough ladies in New Zealand and they don’t come much tougher than our customer of
the month for February …. Tracey.
Lucky to be alive after a terrible motorbike crash and then finding out she had some major health
problems, Tracey is an inspiration to us all. This girl is a true fighter and a great customer to deal with too. And so congratulations Tracey and we
wish you all the best in the future.



Kirstie came into store looking for a bed for a returning relation to sleep on. The good news for Kirstie is that we found a great bed for her at half
the price of our competition and she also received free delivery too. The other good news for Kirstie is that
we made her customer of the month for December. How could we not…..when this amazing lady works 6 days a week looking after patients with brain injuries and paraplegics?
Very humbling for us to serve a hero of the community such as this. Such a lovely lady.



Sarah just made the big move from Golden Bay to a new start in Nelson and needed Beds fast. The customers who have a really nice way about them and make things easy for us and nothing becomes a problem are special to us and Sarah was one of those customers. Warm, friendly and a pleasure to serve and big thanks to Sarah for helping our driver, Jason, when he had an injury – much appreciated.



Well …. we opened up again after a long Covid 19 lockdown and were delighted to see customers back instore and buying buying buying! We noticed a lot of pregnant ladies and some very very very pregnant ladies too. One of which was Debbie who was 2 weeks away from having a baby! She bought some new bedroom furniture for the new babies room in preparation and then 2 days later her partner, Mr Wildly (photo proud DAD), turned up to pick up their new furniture with a big smile on his face as they had JUST HAD A NEW BABY GIRL!! After a pretty torrid for everyone during Covid lockdown, this was GREAT NEWS and we customer of the month worthy. Many congrats  – great news, nice people to deal with too.



Tina and Scott were…..

Really pleased you like your new
bed and making the bed sale
process fun and enjoyable for us.
A really lovely couple.


Rob and the Team



Brooke and Tristen have a great sense of humour and we had fun selling them a lovely  bed for their new home. Exciting times ahead.
Sometimes you get the feeling when dealing with a young couple, such
as these good people, they are going to do very well in life and with their
postive attitiude and friendly nature there is no doubt these customers
will go far. A real pleasure to serve. We must be doing something
right at Robs as they came back and purchased another bed from us over
the XMAS break. BIG THANKS guys and wishing you a great 2020.



We love creating bespoke pieces of furniture for our customers and so when Ian and Pauline wanted a specially made / designed Display Cabinate and Entertainment Unit, we were delighted to help. We used our West Coast supplier, Coastwood Furniture and working as one big team,  Ian and Pauline ended up
with two beautiful pieces of NZ made furniture. AND these good people were an absolute pleasure to deal
with. Big thanks Ian and Pauline and enjoy your lovely new furniture.



Digger and Tango have got great taste in lounge suites and our customers of the month for March!  Enjoy the bones boys and see you in store again soonWoof Woof from Rob and the Team!!



Charlie and Emily (this is Emily) are new to Nelson and came to see us for a ‘swap’ deal and being locally
owned – we always try and duck and dive so its a win-win for us and the customer. But on this occasion, we just had to give these great guys a great bed deal as they were both a pleasure to deal with. Next time we want some trees cut down Charlie – we’ll call you….and welcome to



At Rob’s Furniture Warehouse, we love positive people and we found Zherelle a delight to deal with.
On a young person’s tight budget, we managed to find her and her partner a great value bed that ticked all the boxes. She’s now sleeping so much better and enjoying the benefit of more energy the next day and agrees with us that sleeping on good bed is really is one of the most
important household purchases you can make. A lovely couple to deal with and looking forward to seeing these guys in our shop again one day.



All round good bloke Daniel spent some time with us choosing a bed – we like this as its such an important purchase and so it needs to be right.
We had a lot of fun, then Daniel brings in his sister and partner and they end up buying a bed, then Daniel buys a lounge suite! It was such a pleasure dealing with these guys and we’re pretty sure they also got the best deal of the month too! – Good on you guys. No steak for my wife again Daniel!!



Chris came in for a bed and we were delighted to find out his family come from a long line of local furniture manufacturers. It made it all the more special for us to sell a great bed to a local family who are experts in the trade. Thanks for the local support Chris it means a lot to us. You and your family were a pleasure, hope you enjoy that French Champers.



Its great when customers really save hard, look for value for money and end up seeing exactly what they want at Rob’s Furniture Warehouse. Lisa and Tonili Ahoafi did just that and fell in love with one of our best selling Corner Recliner Lounge Suites. They were very happy and so were we, in dealing with these good people, deserving hard working people. Enjoy the champagne guys and your lovely new lounge suite!



Some days you just get some great families in store. And so we were delighted to meet Andy, Mandy, Luke and Holly who were up from Christchurch for the weekend.
They ended up buying a lot of accessories and we had a lot of fun too and found out New Zealand is a
very small World indeed! Another bottle of Pinot gladly given out to some lovely people. Thanks


APRIL 2017 - LYN

Lyn is our fabbo customer of the month for April. We stuffed up her payment (yep… we’re only human) and mucked Lyn around (sorry Lyn) but Lyn was very understanding,

great to work with and a pleasure to deal with. All sorted now so enjoy your new table Lyn and your wine !



We started the New Year off giving beers to our customers of the month for January to Jackie and Tania. All the team said these ladies were a pleasure to deal with and they ended up buying a big corner recliner lounge suite for their new house. And so we thought a prize of lots of beer to christen their new sofa would work 
Thanks ladies – lovely to deal with you.



Robbie Hill is an amazing guy and a truely inspirational person. Robbie has overcome lots of tough times and continues to battle and we wish him all our best. He has a massive
positive attitude that makes you very humble when you meet him. Fully deserved our customer of the month
for Nov. Keep strong Robbie. Respect from all the team at Rob’s Furniture Warehouse.



All around good guy Mr Daw. A pleasure to deal with and he purchased the wonderful NZ made Coastwood Nordic Range. Thanks Mr Daw from all the Team.

April24 - wagner.jpg

April 2024 - The Wagner Family

We are very lucky to have the Wagner Family as repeat customers on several occasions over the years.

Always a delight to deal with and they have basically furnished a lot of their home with furniture and beds from Robs Furniture Warehouse.


We never take repeat customers for granted and really feel privileged that these great people continue to shop with us (and a new generation coming to Robs too 😊).


Big Thanks Wagner Family - you guys are the TOPS.


Jan 2024 - Paula & Peter

Paula and Peter are our well-deserved customers of the month for January.


We get a big kick out of returning customers (and we have a lot 😊) and so it was our absolute pleasure to be able to offer Paula and Peter their new NZ made lounge suite and beds.


So, we thank them profusely for supporting a local Nelson business and purchasing from Rob’s Furniture Warehouse and also supporting NZ made furniture and bed manufacturers – who make some of the best quality goods in the World.


Plus, these good people guys are an incredibly nice couple – a true gent and lady who were a pleasure to serve.

Thanks again for your continued custom.

Rob and the Team

Cust of the month Oct23 - RON.jpg

Oct 2023 - Ron

October's Customer of the Month is Ron!


Ron was looking for a matching dining set and entertainment unit, and he found it!


He is now enjoying his recent purchase of our Coastwood NZ made premium furniture. Thank you for choosing us, and enjoy your new pieces.

TO USE Nina Fraser  (2).jpeg

July 2023 - Nina Fraser 

Meet our July Customer of the Month, Nina Fraser.


She recently moved to Nelson with her family from Auckland and they're absolutely loving it here.


The kids are having a blast with their new pop-up trundler from Rob's Furniture Warehouse !!

brian kemp.jpg

April 2023 - Bryon

🎉 Congratulations to our Customer of the Month, Bryon ! 🏆


Bryon is a true local enthusiast, always supporting New Zealand-made products and shopping locally.


We're thrilled to announce that he has a new house to showcase his stunning collection of furniture! 🏠


Thank you, Bryon, for being such a valued customer. 🙌 #CustomerAppreciation #SupportLocal

Customer of month Jan.jpg

January 2023 - Lorna & Cam 

Lorna and Cam came into the store and ended up with a houseful of furniture and beds for their lovely new home!  


Not only that,  but they also just got married and so we were delighted to make this amazing couple our customer of the month for Jan and we wish them all the very best in their new lives together.


What a way to break open a well-deserved Robs Furniture Warehouse Champagne!


Many congrats from Rob and the Team at Robs Furniture Warehouse

Kevin - oct22.jpg

October 2022 - Kevin

Kevin has just returned to Nelson from the outback in Australia without anything to sleep on or sit on and needed some urgent furniture and beds - which we managed to get to him pronto, with discounts and free delivery too!


We liked Kevin a lot as he is a very humble kind man with a lovely sense of humour and has a past that cares for others.


And so it was our time to care
for him a little bit and award him customer of the month for October.


Kevin you are a real gentleman and it was lovely to meet you and enjoy your return
to sunny Nelson.

Emily - July 2022.jpg

July 2022 - Emily

We met Emily and her mate in a pub in Nelson one evening and had some fun playing pool together.

Then a few days later Emily and her Mum turn up at the shop and needed a great quality mattress.

Emily is a great girl but had an accident at home and is really suffering with her back but you wouldn’t know it to see and listen to her.

So she ended up with one of the new Sleepmaker Pellaro mattresses and bases (fantastic bed!). Another hugely positive and impressive young lady to grace our doors.

We wish you a speedy full recovery from all the team at Robs Furniture Warehouse.



Robyn is our customer of the month for April and well deserved too.

Jason, our delivery driver and man of few words, came back to Robs Furniture
after a delivery and told us all what a lovely customer Robyn was
to deal with.


She was extremely polite
and accommodating, which in these stressed Covid times was greatly

appreciated by Jason and Robs Furniture Warehouse.


Cheers to you Robyn.



Holly came into Rob's Furniture Warehouse on one of the sunniest and hottest days of the year and she certainly brightened up our day.


New job, new house and A NEW BED from Robs - so its all happening for Holly and what a delightful couple (Holly and her Mum) were to deal with.


Wishing you every success in the future - which certainly looks very positive for you and enjoy your lovely new bed.


Bests Rob and the Team

Cust of month oct 2021.jpg


Jonty was such a great customer to deal with....he had all the Ps (Positive,
Patient and Personable!) - everything that makes it a pleasure to deal with
a customer like this.


Jonty's attitude when purchasing his bed was basically
"this is the most important purchase in the home and I am investing in
myself" which we totally concur with and so were delighted to help Jonty
achieve this.


Enjoy the XMAS Champers Jonty and many thanks for your custom.
Sleep well!

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 4.49.33 PM.png


After 15 years sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress (aren’t they fantastic!), Ana and Adrian needed

a replacement. Both Ann and Adrian have demanding jobs so a good night’s sleep was essential to them and they ended up buying a MAZON high-density memory foam mattress (we love these and Rob and some of his team sleep on these amazing mattresses). So we had a lovely time talking good food, wine and beds with this lovely warm couple. Good fun, nice people and a pleasant way to spend some time and we know

you’ll really enjoy sleeping on your new mattress.



The Parks really needed a good night’s sleep (young family and

both working hard and sleeping on a mattress that just wasn’t doing it for them!). This great couple were SO NICE to deal with and they spent some time trying several beds as they both had individual needs – so great they did a lot of testing and ended up with a pocket spring and memory foam mattress – which I think is a perfect fit and sale price too. It was lovely to see a couple enjoying a rare day off from the kids and embracing the day and each other’s company and having fun. A real pleasure to serve. Enjoy the

champers in your barn conversion guys – sounds amazing.



Marianne has shopped with several times now and we have got to know this lovely lady and her relaxed, happy and vibrant persona. Always a
a pleasure to serve her. She leads a busy time of it between Westport and Nelson – its always great to see her in-store and back in sunny Nelson!



Ashia was just so nice to deal with. Great sense of humour and nothing was a problem. Working hard and going for it with a young family to support – Robs Furniture Warehouse
has a lot of respect for this fine person. We’re sure you’re going to achieve great things in your chosen future career Ashia. We have three words to say to you….GO GIRL GO!



Darren and Rachel always have a smile on their faces and just a total pleasure to serve. Darren did an amazing gesture for Robs Furniture Warehouse a few years ago and this was deeply appreciated at the time.


These great guys have now been customers for a number of years and on each occasion, we have always had a really lovely experience with them and enjoy giving them a great deal. Amazing people.



Sarah and Roy were a delight to deal with. Always patient, polite and good fun too. They made a 3rd party situation eventually come right without any drama and were
always helpful and provided information that made it easy for Robs Furniture Warehouse to sort out their sale for them. Roy still has his eye on a Bar for sale at the shop but we have the feeling Sarah will get her new lounge suite first! Enjoy your new  bed guys and keep safe out there. Cheers Rob.



Jeremy and family are recent arrivals from America and were looking for a houseful of great value furniture
and spotted Robs Furniture Warehouse from their Airbnb! A lovely family who were a pleasure to deal with and we welcome them to Nelson – people like these guys coming to live in our special place, just makes Nelson get better and better. Hey Jeremy – the weather is great! We promise!!



Italian’s, Francesco and Elena, recently moved to Nelson and needed a new lounge suite. They have great taste and so we managed to track down a contemporary 3 seater for their lovely new home.  It looks fantastico AND then we were lucky enough to be invited to sample some of their most AMAZING Italian dishes too. A lovely couple that Nelson is blessed to have live within its community.

A presto e grazie per la bellissima serata!


MAY 2019 - DONNA

Donna just landed into Nelson and wanted to fill her new house on a budget with some lovely furniture
and beds. And so we were happy to help and had a lot of fun too helping Donna achieve her goal. So it was our pleasure to make her our customer of the month for May. A great lady and the Robs Furniture Warehouse team really enjoyed working with Donna and appreciated the business. Thanks Donna.



Victor & Lesa Te Maari our a true gentleman and gentlewomen and puts others before themselves. If there were more people in this
world like these good people, then the World would be a better place!
So we humbly give them our customer of the month for February and sincerely wish them all the best in their new home and a big thanks for buying beds from Robs
Furniture Warehouse.



The lovely Van Der Merwe family have arrived! … and shopped at Robs Furniture Warehouse. They loved our shop and so we loved them back and made them our customer of the month for January. We wish them every success with their new lives in New Zealand and a big welcome to sunny Nelson. Exciting times!



Miranda brightened a rare dull overcast day in Nelson when she came over for the day from Picton and visited our shop. Lots of customers are characters and Miranda is top of the list in that department. We so enjoyed dealing with her and her quick-witted comments that we just had to make her our customer of the month for October. Hope you enjoy your new bed and look forward to seeing you in store soon. Keep rocking!



Mauro and Patty needed a great value pocket spring bed. Both hard workers, nice people and starting a family so we thought they should be our customers of the month for June.
Nelson’s such a small cosy town and so we’ll look forward to seeing you at Comida or Harbour Lights – two great restaurants we love to support (OK drink a lot of wine at!). We’re sure you’ll love your new bed. Big thanks.



We love selling beds – why?Because we’re selling someone a great night’s sleep and all the good things that come with that critical purchase. Lynne was a customer who researched, took time her time
selecting the right bed and between us, we think we’ve got it right and found the perfect mattress to suit her requirements. And a lovely lady to deal with in every way too…we really enjoyed the whole consultation process Lynne. You rock!



We have lots of customers who keep buying from us (So I guess we must be doing something right!) and Alison is JUST THE NICEST PERSON
to deal with. Always smiling and such a lovely daughter too. It’s a privilege for Rob’s Furniture to serve

customers like Alison and we are lucky enough to have lots of them.

Hope you enjoy the champagne and if anyone deserves this gift, this lovely lady certainly does. May 2018 bring you everything you wish for and many thanks for your continued custom.



Lisa bought some bunks from us and was just lovely to deal with. We had a small problem with one of the bunks, which we fixed straight away and Lisa was one very cool customer to
help out. Problem sorted and one happy customer who was very understanding and just a great girl. Thanks Lisa.



Lindsay & Christine have been through some tough times. Great people and a pleasure to deal with. They live in Blenheim so always good to see them come over to Nelson and shop with us. We wish them well, and big thanks for shopping at Rob’s.

Enjoy the Pinot, Christine !



Leith was thirsty ! He’d been working all week and and it was a hot Friday Afternoon. He came into Rob's
to pick up his brand new bed. Leith was on a strict budget and we were really pleased to sell him one of our great value pocket spring bed for under $1000. And he was so good to
deal with that we thought we’d make him our customer of the month for March.  Hope you enjoyed those chilled beers mate… looked like you were ready to sink a few ! Thanks Leith.



We had great fun with Kevin and Wendy when they came in to buy bedroom furniture for their ‘most
amazing’ new Nelson home. In fact, we got on so well, we’ve shared a few bottles of wine and these good guys and hope to share many more. Welcome to Nelson Kevin and
Wendy and thanks Kevin for listening to Wendy and stopping at Rob’s Furniture Warehouse! (PS love that Bear Story !!).

Cust month March24.jpg

March 2024 - Ruben and Natalia

Ruben and Natalia are our well deserved customers of the month for March.

A nicer couple you could not want to meet! Good fun (and they laughed at my Dad jokes – someone has to!), polite, listened, respectful, courteous and people of integrity.

They purchased an amazing solid bedroom furniture suite that will last them a lifetime and it was great watching these lovely people discuss and consult amongst themselves, making sure each was happy with the other’s choice and putting each other first.

Thanks for your custom guys and go careful on those motorbikes!!


Rob and the Team

DEC23 CUST.jpg

Dec 2023 - Rosie & John

Our customer of the month for December are new arrivals from the North Island, Rosie, and John, who have moved to Nelson to take over the running of a new cattery.


They came to Nelson with a big shopping list of furniture they needed for their new home, so Robs Furniture Warehouse were delighted to help these lovely people.


All the team thought Rosie and John were great to deal with on every occasion they visited the shop and so Nelson is better place for good people such as these coming to live here.


Congratulations, guys and wishing you a great 2024 in your new home and enjoy the champagne – well deserved 😊

Janey - cust of month sep23.jpg

Sep 2023 - Janey

Celebrating Janey, Our Customer of the Month for September! 


We're thrilled to recognize Janey, who made September extra special by surprising her husband with an Ivydale 5-Drawer Tallboy for his birthday !!!

June 2023 - cust of month.png

June 2023 - Rachel, Edward & Mavis 

Meet our customer of the month for June 2023 - Rachel Smith!  


After trying out the Wakefield recliner in-store, her husband instantly dozed off in comfort, convincing her to purchase it along with the exquisite Forme corner chaise unit.


Rachel enjoyed our customer service and amazing furniture soooo much, she says" I'll never buy furniture from anywhere else" 🙌


Oh, and did we mention her adorable fur babies, Edward and Mavis? 🐾 They approve too! 🐶💕


March 2023 - Chantel

Congratulations to Chantel, our esteemed Customer of the Month!

Seeking a unique touch for her bedroom, Chantel entrusted us with crafting a bespoke New Zealand furniture masterpiece: a custom-designed headboard that flawlessly complements her decor.


We are thrilled to have brought her vision to life and are proud to recognize her as our exceptional customer.


December 2022 - Mary 

Mary has been an outstanding customer at Robs Furniture Warehouse.


Always positive and happy, she has shopped extensively at Rob's and now has a house full of great furniture and beds that fill every room in her beautiful home.


Big thanks Mary - special mention to your husband - a top bloke! So you guys enjoy the champers - well deserved to such a lovely couple 😊

Copy of Customer of the month_edited_edited_edited.jpg

September 2022 - Marilyn & Dan 

Marilyn and Dan have had a torrid covid time of it. Stuck in Singapore for 2 covid years when the  borders shut down, their savings totally wiped out.


Not having literally a bean to rub together they lived on favours from friends and cooked and sold baked goods from their tiny flat in Singapore. Incredible!


They managed to save enough to get to NZ and start a new life here and if there is one thing we like at Robs Furniture Warehouse is customers who persevere and overcome and are amazing people to deal with and very positive.


It is with much pleasure and respect we award the customer of the month for September to Marilyn and Dan. Good on you.

customer of month JUNE.jpg

June 2022 - Patricia & Georgie

Patricia and Georgie are a long way from their Hungarian home and have now lived in New Zealand for 2 years.


Moving from Auckland to Nelson, they are about to have their first child and so exciting times ahead and what an adventure for this lovely young gentle couple.


A total pleasure to deal with and Robs Furniture Warehouse look forward to delivering your new lounge, dining and Bed. Enjoy guys and big thanks for your custom too.

March 2022.jpg

MARCH 2022 - LYN

Our Customer of the month for March is Lyn (this is not Lyn! But Lyn's
daughter, Andrea!).

Andrea has come back from Melbourne to look after her Mum, as she is having
a tough time of it at the moment.

So some urgent beds were needed and since we generally carry a lot of beds
in stock we were able to help this lovely caring lady and her Mum.

Wishing you the very best going forward and thanks for shopping at Robs
Furniture Warehouse.

Customer of month DEC 2021.jpg


Daniel picked up this amazing draftsman table for his partner as a surprise XMAS present.


She fell in love with it when she was in the shop and top bloke Daniel sneaked back into Robs and purchased it and then we held it for him for a few months when he was away at sea and then he turns up with boxes of beer for us (thanks Daniel we do a lot of stuff for a lot of people and that was a really nice gesture that we appreciated).


And so being an all-around good guy and a total gentleman, Daniel is our very well-deserved customer of the month for December. Happy XMAS Daniel - enjoy the bubbles and let us know how the 'surprise' xmas present goes down? 😊 Ta Rob

September 2021_edited.jpg


Edan came in with his daughter to buy a bed for her. What a great father and daughter combo they make and lovely to deal with.


Edan is a very relaxed and affable chaps who was fun to deal with and make our day a better day – which was a nice experience in these covid times.

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 4.44.31 PM.png


Christine is always a delight to deal with and has some exciting times ahead of her in the lovely new home she has just built. And so it was great for us to take out and try to fit a new sofabed chaise

into her new home… and it just fitted…phew! Nice to be able to help out someone who is always

helping out others. We love dealing with positive customers and Christine is AAA+++ positive

and always lots of fun to be around too. Enjoy your new home Christine and thanks again for your custom.



This lovely couple Mr and Mrs Jones are our final customer of the month for our financial year so we wait for a special customer on the 31st March and in walked Mr and Mrs Jones.
A pleasure to deal with and we know Mrs Jones has had some taxing
times recently so a well-deserving customer team who ended up with an amazing adjustable mattress and base set. We hope you have many comfortable nights sleep and thanks for being our final customer of the month for our financial year 2020 – 2021 (what a year!!)



2020 was a tough year for a lot of people and we also had our fair share worry! So big thanks to all our loyal and wonderful customers for your support – we have survived! Michelle also had a tough time recently and this lovely lady was a pleasure to deal with when she dropped in to buy furniture for her new tiny home. A kind-hearted lady who fully deserves our final 2020 customer of The month bottle of champers. Enjoy this tipple on NYE Michelle and wishing great 2021 and every happiness in your new home.



What can we say about the lovely Mathews sporting family. Smart, fun and sassy kids and an amazing Mum and Dad. We really enjoy it when customers take their time in selecting
a bed as its such an important process to get right and the Mathews
family made it a delightful and interesting experience for us.Two words sum up this local family…..”GOOD PEOPLE”
Enjoy the Champagne Mr and Mrs Mathews and keep enjoying
those burgers the little Mathews 



Victoria came into the store looking for a new mattress. A more delightful and nice person would be hard to meet. We got the feeling this customer has had some tough times (just our gut feeling) but she always had a smile on her face when we were dealing with her.  We love positive people at Robs Furniture Warehouse and this young lady is definitely going places in the future with her ”can do” attitude. And so we made Victoria our customer for June and wish her all the best in her future career. You’ll be great Victoria!



Joy and Neville (where are you Neville?!) came to buy a new bed in
our sale. It’s nice when we sell something to a fellow local retailer  – always good to support each other as the money we make gets spent  (by my wife!!!) again in the local community. And we had a lot of fun with these great guys and swapped a lot of Aussie holiday stories. They both love their new bed and it is with great pleasure, Robs Furniture Warehouse makes Joy and Neville our February customer of the month.



Jennifer works hard and we mean very hard and a real character
too. Rob had the pleasure of delivering Jennifer’s new bedroom
suite and he spent a lovely couple of hours unpacking and setting
up the new suite (which looks amazing!) and mainly talking movies and shooting the breeze with Jennifer. Just a lovely person to deal with amd be around who sees the good, positive side of life and always has a smile on her face.  Great fun.



The Lamberts work hard! And rightly deserved a new bed for their efforts. And building a new house too. At Robs Furniture Warehouse we try and also give the best deals we can and Mr Lambert worked even harder trying to secure the best bed deal out of us. No steak for Rob on the day – bread and cheese again for dinner as the Lamberts walked away with a fantastic Sleepmaker Bed and the deal of the month. Good on yer…. Lamberts. An absolute pleasure to deal with this lovely couple. Love that truck too guys.



A few weeks ago Megan flew in (literally) into our store, returning from London to live back in Nelson. Her friend recommended Robs Furniture Warehouse and so it was our pleasure to meet such a positive person and provide her with some furniture for her new home. Lovely to meet you Megan….our full deserved customer of the month for April. Enjoy that Champagne on Friday!



Our last customer of the month for 2018 was a special one.Beryl has just returned from Christchurch hospital and is now on the way back to full health (looking great Beryl). Always smiling and with a positive attitude and a house move ahead of her in the New Year, we thought Beryl (and Dave) deserves a nice bottle of Champagne to kick off 2019. Wishing you all the best from Rob (the good one!!) and all the team at Robs Furniture Warehouse.


School holidays and Super Mum Jen came to shop with a carload of lovely children and a broken horse trailer. What a great family and a pleasure
to deal with. Hope the champagne goes some way compensating the garage bill for the trailer Jen! And so
Jen becomes our Customer of the month for September and Rob’s Furniture Warehouse has now given out this ”coveted” award for over 2 years and we’ve had great fun doing so. Looking forward to the next 2 years and meeting more
fantastic customers.


MAY 2018 - MARK

Mark has been a valued customer for quite some time and we really enjoy his visits to Rob’s Furniture
Warehouse. So on a pleasant Spring sunny afternoon we visited Mark (and his amazing car collection!) and
presented him with a bottle of champers for being our customer of the month for May. Thanks Mark for
your continued custom – we really appreciate it and always a delight to see you.



Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire! Tanea came to see us for an Electric Chair as a surprise for her husband. Such a lovely thought and such a lovely lady so we’re making Tanea
our customer of the month for Feb. How nice is this – Tanea sent us a bottle of top-shelf red wine for our great service – so nice. Big thanks and enjoy that chair Cyril!



Pleasure dealing with John and Jude.
Jude has back pain and wanted something soft yet supportive. These guys ended up buying a MAZON Electric Bed with High-density memory foam/gel mattress. We spent a lot of time listening to each other and we think their choice is just the ticket. Lovely people to deal with and we know you’re going to love your amazing new bed. Thanks guys, enjoy the champagne.



Mr and Mrs Ifopo came into the shop followed by their one, two, three, four, five, six.. then number seven child! What a huge lovely family and such
a real pleasure to serve. They all brought a big smile to the team at Rob’s Furniture and so we enjoyed making them our customer of the month for July. Wine for Mum and Dad, balloons for the Ifopo childen. Great to meet this exceptional family who made a real impression with us.



The Neal Family were lovely to deal with. Some tough recent times and so we made them our May customer of the month to give them something to smile about. Enjoy the new bed and thanks for your continued custom.



Letitia came into our shop with her lovely family and bought a whole load of great value bedroom
furniture. BIG Thanks and so we gave Letitia a super hot deal and her family were so lovely, a pleasure

to deal with. So we made them our ‘customer of the month’ for Feb. Look forward to seeing you all back in store soon. Enjoy the wine. Cheers Rob and the Team.



Great guys Paul and Amanda. Had gone through 12 Beds in 5 years from other suppliers, before we fitted them out with the right bed for them.
We had a lot of fun over several glasses of wine and look forward to them returning back to Nelson to live one day. Lovely meeting you guys.



Lovely young couple starting out Amy and Justine, bought a lots of
furniture for their new house together….exciting times. Thanks for the custom guys – pleasure to deal with and enjoy the wine and the wine holder !!  

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